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Resin for rubber

Resin solutions for rubber agglomeration

Resibras Rubber Resin Glue is more than an adhesive; it's a versatile tool for boosting quality and reliability in a variety of applications in the rubber agglomeration industry. Trust Resibras to boost the performance of your products.
Features (technical data sheet)

Superior membership:
The resins are developed to provide exceptional adhesion to rubber materials, guaranteeing a strong and durable bond.

Resistance to Adverse Conditions:
Good resistance to environmental conditions such as temperature variations, humidity and exposure to the sun, contributing to the durability of the final product.

The resin must maintain a flexible bond after curing, adapting to the natural movements and deformations of rubber materials.

Sustainable Performance:
Some resins are formulated to meet environmental and sustainability standards, guaranteeing effective performance without compromising the environment.


Resibras Rubber Resin Glue is a versatile and effective solution, specially formulated to meet the specific demands of varied applications in the rubber agglomeration industry. Discover how our product excels in key areas such as EPDM, acoustic insulation and surfacing for sports floors, athletics tracks and playgrounds: