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Solutions for the Cork Industry

Discover our solutions based on the reuse of cork granules, guaranteeing a high-performance performance.

Resins for agglomerated stoppers

We produce resins suitable and approved by several international organizations (INRA, …) to be used in the agglomeration of different sizes of cork granules in the production of agglomerated stoppers intended for the most demanding markets for bottling wine, champagne and other spirituous beverages.

Resins for agglomerated cork cylinders and blocks

We supply customized resins for each process of our customers, for the agglomeration of cork granules in blocks or cylinders in acoustic insulation, decorative applications, among others.

Dispersions for gluing cork discs

We produce aqueous dispersions for bonding natural cork discs and plates to obtain agglomerated stoppers with natural cork discs for champagne and wine.

Resins for treating natural corks

We ensure the proper coating of natural cork stoppers with the necessary solutions for the cork extraction processes after bottling.

Resins for water-based surface treatment (sealing)

We produce resins with the aim of minimizing imperfections in natural cork stoppers, which, together with the addition of cork powder, substantially improve the visual appearance and the main characteristics of natural stoppers.

Vinyl resins

We also supply other adhesive solutions for the cork industry, used in decoration, flooring, among others.

Silicones Silbione CAF®

Resibras is the official distributor of Elken Silicones for the Portuguese cork industry, distributing Silbione CAF® silicones, used in the production of cork stoppers for champagne and wine. Please contact us for more information.


Elkem Silicones

RESIBRAS S.A. entered into an agreement to exclusively sell and distribute the products of the company Elkem Silicones for the Portuguese market, in the cork sector.

Products available for sale:

  • Silbione CAF 70004.
  • Silbione CAF 72589.
  • Silbione HUILE 70047V350.

Available in packs of:

  • 1 liter, 25 and 200 (Kg).